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Monday – Friday: 8am | 9am
Saturday: 8am | 5pm
Sunday: 8am | 10am | 12pm

About Our Lady of Grace

[pullquote_center width=”60%”] We Change Lives Through the Risen Christ [/pullquote_center]

parish-frontOur parish grew with the post-WWII expansion of suburbs on Long Island. Founded in 1962, its birth was in the excitement of the Second Vatican Council; and its mission and history are a story of engagement with the Council’s opening to the wider world. At the start, rather than building an elementary school (then a common practice for newly-founded parishes), we decided that the formation in faith of all the parish’s children would be better served by a Religious Education Center (since no school could possibly fit all the children of a dramatically-growing suburb).

Formation in faith remains a hallmark; so does service to our wider community. In addition to a vital Parish Social Ministry, we have joined with diocesan Catholic Charities to make possible housing for persons with developmental disabilities, and two homes stand at the corner of our property. As the AIDS crisis grew we cooperated with a private nonprofit to create a “home for the dying poor” on our grounds. That effort changed recently to provide, with Catholic Health Services, a residence for persons with developmental disabilities and complex medical needs.

We provide before- and after-school programs for children regardless of faith – a service particularly necessary for the young families of our neighborhood; and we recently opened a day care to provide that opportunity for parents of preschool children.

All of our actions are rooted in our worship in an award-winning contemporary church. There we draw on God’s grace and the power of the gathered communion of faith to continue our mission to “change lives through the Risen Christ”!