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Day Care, Angel Care, and Kids of the Kingdom

One program for infants, toddlers, and pre-school; another for school-age children before- and after-school; and a third for school-age children during the summer.

What makes us unique?

Our Lady of Grace Day Care was developed with the idea of providing a faith based, quality program that offers a holistic approach to care giving in which the body, mind and spirit are nurtured. Our Day Care facility at full capacity can serve 75 little ones who range in age from 6 weeks through 4 years. Our Angel C.A.R.E. program for school-age children can provide care for 200 children before and after school. And Kids of the Kingdom summer camp which provides summer fun that includes fields trips and or entertainment daily for 200 children 5 through 12 years of age.

2023 Registration

Registration for Day Care, Angel Care, and Kids of the Kingdom is now underway. See below for registration forms.

Day Care: (infants, toddlers, and pre-school)

Our Day Care curriculum reflects the guidelines and practices advocated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lesson planning for each classroom is based upon developmentally appropriate practices and enhances all areas of a child’s development: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual.

We focus on arranging the classroom environment with resources and activities that allow the children to explore and interact with the materials, other children, and teachers. The curriculum is attentive to concrete experiences that are relevant to the lives and the spiritual formation of the children in our care.

Nutritious and well-balanced meals are provided for toddlers and preschoolers, and healthy snacks for school-age children. In addition our highly qualified and trained staff are certified in pediatric first aid and participate in ongoing early childhood education.

If you would like to setup a tour, register your child or have questions, please contact our Day Care office at 631-422-4681 or email

For more information on Day Care, click here.

Angel Care and Kids of the Kingdom (school-age children)

Angel Care offers activities before- and or after school during the school year.

Kids of the Kingdom is an all-day program conducted during July and August.

Both programs offer activities, projects, and experiences that support and encourage social responsibility, social skills, peer interaction, and teamwork. The children are encouraged to use their God-given gifts to help others. Other important areas of the curriculum include spiritual growth, anti-bullying education, and character building.

  • For registration materials for Angel Care (West Babylon School District), click here.
  • For registration materials for Kids of the Kingdom, click here.

For All Our Programs:

Our services extend beyond care for the children as we join in a partnership with parents and guardians. We understand the important role parents and guardians play in the life of their children and the many challenges they face in our world today. We offer parent workshops, provide community resource information and gather for family events, celebrations and festivals.