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Parish Accountability and Safe Environment

View the Parish Member Engagement Survey (2013) conducted by Gallup.

Annual State of the Parish reports and Financial Reports can be found here.

Below find information about the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council, and the Trustees.

Gallup ME25 Member Engagement Survey

For over 70 years, Gallup has been developing instruments that measure the “unmeasurable.” Gallup has developed systems that accurately measure the “soft numbers” — including customer and employee engagement and other former “intangibles” — that are keys to business success.

Several years ago, Gallup confronted the challenge of measuring another “unmeasurable” — spiritual engagement.Through its extensive research on the subject, Gallup has designed an instrument — the ME25 Member Engagement Survey — that measures the spiritual health of parishes.

Traditionally, parishes have measured themselves primarily by their attendance, membership, and monetary giving. While these statistics are important, they are outcomes, not causes, of a parish’s spiritual health — they can be influenced by nonspiritual factors such as demographics and location. Gallup’s ME25™ goes to the heart of an individual’s and a parish’s engagement and spiritual commitment, giving parishes a clear picture of their spiritual health. Such a picture is crucial, for Gallup’s research confirms that spiritual health drives all other factors — including attendance and financial commitment — in parish life.  The results of our most recent survey are here.

The Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council exists to assist the pastor in fulfilling the Gospel mission of the parish, in accord with the parish’s vision and values and with diocesan and civil laws and regulations.

Its nine members are selected (based on self-nomination and, after consultation, appointment by the pastor) for three-year terms, renewable once. It meets eight times a year, September to June.

The Council is the primary advisory body to the pastor and the custodian of the parish mission to Change lives through the Risen Christ. It also has responsibility for the Gallup Member Engagement process, by which our parish measures the success of our pastoral work.

See who is serving our parish as members of the Pastoral Council by clicking this link.

 The Finance Council and Parish Trustees

The Finance Council advises the pastor in matters of parish budget and expenditures, especially significant extraordinary expenses such as renovations and capital construction. Its four non-Trustee members are appointed by the pastor for three year terms, renewable. Appointment is based on expertise in finance, operations management, and similar skills and experience. It meets quarterly to review parish accounts and to advise on parish management.

The parish Trustees are elected by the officers of the parish corporation (the diocesan bishop, the Episcopal vicar for the region, and the pastor) for three year terms, renewable twice. In addition to duties on the Finance Council, they are also responsible for compliance with civil and canon law and for the overall function of the parish as a corporation in civil law. Trustees are nominated for election by the pastor based on commitment to the parish and on relevant expertise, including finance, management, and law. Trustees meet with the pastor four times a year.

Members of the Finance Council are listed in the weekly parish Bulletin.

Safety Around Campus

We want to keep everyone who visits our campus safe from accidents. We ask all volunteers and employees to review these brief safety reminders.

When you are finished, please enter your name and check the “status” box on the next screen to appear.

Thank you for serving God’s people.

>> Safety Around Campus Presentation

Safe Environment

Our Lady of Grace is committed to providing a safe environment for all, especially the vulnerable. There is a special diocesan phone line for reporting allegations of sexual abuse by church personnel and volunteers: (516) 594-9063. The New York State abuse hotline for all allegations of child abuse can be reached at 1-800-342-3720.

A dedicated mini-website has been created that serves as the central location for all DRVC Child Victims Act related statements and information. Please consider making this link available on your website. Attached is a graphic you can place on your electronic media that you can then link to the special site. Here is the link to the DRVC Child Victims Act Website: http;//

Bishop Barres addresses the Child Victims Act in this video. You should have received this link earlier today from the Chancellor’s office. Feel free to post the link to the video on your website. –

Parish volunteers can find the Code of Conduct at the link below.

Code of Conduct